Here's What We're Teaching for Media Literacy Week

As I write these words, Cyber Civics' Outreach Director Peter Kelley is in the classroom teaching a lesson called "Fake or Not?" and some of the many schools now teaching Cyber Civics in their own classrooms are teaching this lesson too! If you'd like to teach this lesson in your classroom, contact us and we'll send it to you!

Why I Love Teaching Cyber Civics

Peter Kelley is Cyber Civics' Outreach Director. Maybe you've had a chance to chat with him? A former high school English teacher, this year he started teaching Cyber Civics in the classroom. Here are his his reflections. Contact Peter if you'd like him to teach a sample Cyber Civics lesson in your classroom! Being able to actually get in the classroom this year and practice what I’ve been preaching about Cyber Civics has been enlightening on so many levels. To see from a different lens how this program unfolds-- from reviewing the lesson online and printing materials, to teaching the students these vital life skills, and then watching the positive results--makes me that much more motivated

A 6th Grader Defines Citizenship

One of our favorite lessons in Level 1 of Cyber Civics is called, "The 5 Principles of Citizenship." We love to hear students explain how these principles apply to all the communities they belong to--like their baseball team, or their church group, their city, state, or even their family. This is such an important concept for students to grasp before they start belonging to online communities--where many believe, or at least act like they believe, these rules don't apply! Here is how one of our students tackled this lesson: CITIZENSHIP I was told that I had to do a report on how a community I belong to shows citizenship, so I chose to do it on my classroom community. Hope you enjoy! HONESTY:

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