How Technology Is Hooking Teens Up With Drugs

If you’re one of those parents who constantly find their children gazing into their computers and smartphones and worry about the technology’s influence on them, relax a bit. It can actually be good for them. Aside from making their (and our) lives more convenient and helping teens connect with their peers, technology provides useful information to inquiring minds. It can broaden their outlooks, and expand cultural views and diversity. Different types of media can help teenagers develop their reading, writing and critical-thinking skills, not to mention creativity. At the same time, the Internet has some hidden dangers. According to the National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abus

Harvard Rescinds Student Admission, Take 2. Let's Teach Kids To Do Better.

Here we go again. Another student has lost his acceptance to Harvard because of stupid online posts online at age 16. It’s imperative to talk to kids about their digital reputations, often and early. Many schools address this by inviting online safety experts to their campus. But often these “experts” either lecture kids or rely on scare tactics that either don’t work or backfire completely. Kids take to adults talking at them about their digital world like birds take to dogs telling them how to fly. A better way to help kids understand the importance of maintaining a positive digital reputation is by letting them experience it from a different perspective. A Lesson on Digital Reputation Tha

What I Learned From Cyber Civics

On his last day teaching sixth graders a full year of "digital citizenship" lessons, Cyber Civics teacher Peter Kelley received this from one of his students. We just had to share it with you. Dear Mr. Kelley, I learned a lot from Cyber Civics. It helped me use the Internet more wisely. It taught me the difference between digital drama and cyberbullying. It also taught me how to be an upstander and how to deal with cyberbullying. This class taught me so much. When I go on social media I am much more careful than I was before I took this class. Anything that I post stays online and will never disappear. I know not to post inappropriate things online because everyone will see it and do you rea

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