Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Teaching Children to be Skeptical Online

What benefits will teachers see when they embark upon a digital citizenship curriculum with their class? It's about more than just teaching the class digital literacy; it's about shaping the foundation for their digital future.

Improve Interactions Between Children

Part of digital citizenship is encouraging children to interact with each other in positive ways. Children now need to have discussions online, talk to each other through IM and email, and otherwise communicate through the internet. Improving interactions means that they're going to be focusing less on social interactions and more on school.

Increase Their Researching Skills

Children today have to do a lot of research online, and no teacher wants to see good work being damaged by bad sources. Part of digital citizenship lies in teaching children to be skeptical about the information that they acquire.

The digital world is becoming as important as the physical world today. A digital citizenship curriculum is an important step towards acclimating children to this new world. For more information, contact Cyber Civics.