Digital Literacy Lesson Plans

Bringing Digital Literacy Lesson Plans Into Your Home

Digital literacy is something that's important for everyone today. If you're concerned that your children may not have the knowledge that they need, you should consider bringing in some digital literacy lesson plans.

Learn Together as a Family

Children may resist "additional schoolwork," but a digital literacy lesson plan can be something more like family time. There's always more to learn even for adults. Work with your children regarding their homework, and help them understand the importance of literacy even when you're not teaching lessons.

Lead By Example

Create teachable moments in your day-to-day life. If you see something false on your Facebook feed, call your children over. Describe how you knew it was false, and what made you suspicious of it. If you find your children experiencing issues in their own digital life, talk to them about how they feel, and how they can best address similar issues moving forward.

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