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 Try a Cyber Civics "Visual Literacy" Lesson!

Cyber Civics™ is packed with 75+ sequential, standards-aligned lessons that meet the growing demand to teach students to become ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. Three levels span three grade levels in middle school.

We hope you enjoy this sample lesson—"When Facetune Goes Too Far"—from Level 3 of the curriculum. 

Facetune, the popular self-editing software, experienced a 20% increase in usage at the start of the pandemic, and has 1 million to 1.5 million retouched photos exported every single day. This lesson lets students use their critical thinking skills to explore the possible impact of continued exposure to altered images on social media.


While you are here, please look around our site, contact us with your questions, or book a :15 minute one-to-one demo to see the entire curriculum.

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