We're Celebrating Safer Internet Day!


We believe it is so important to keep kids safe online, that we developed a comprehensive curriculum on the entirety of digital literacy (digital citizenship, information literacy, media literacy and, of course, online safety)!


Here's one of our online safety lessons for you to try (best for 5th to 8th grade). 

We'd love to show you our entire curriculum! Just contact us and we'll show it to you!

 Try This Online Safety Lesson!

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Cyber Civics™ is packed with 75+ sequential lessons that meet the growing demand to teach students to become ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. Three levels span three grade levels in middle school.

We hope you enjoy this sample lesson—"Online Safety 101"—from Level 2 of the curriculum.


Please look around our site, contact us with your questions, and tell your school about Cyber Civics!

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