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You now have tools to help you create a safe, healthy, balanced home/tech life for your family! 


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We’ve developed in-depth curriculum best suited for middle school aged kids. See what people are saying…

“This program spoon fed us thought-provoking content over the course of the year and had a lasting impact on my kids and me.” 


-Chris Lorenz,  Homeschool parent 

“Cyber Civics teaches tech with a human touch.  This course teaches kids to think critically and ethically about the digital world”


- Aliso Novak (reporter for Kids TV)  


"An excellent resource to teach children how to be safe and wise online. The activities, videos, resources, and support staff surpassed by expectations."


-Morgan Hensely, Teacher, Hanover, IN.



The Digital Citizenship Course is packed with 23 lessons (made by teachers for teachers) with signature videos (made by students for students) as well as activities and lesson plans used and perfected over 10 years with over 500,000 students. 


Take a look inside…. 


Students consider the impact that technology has had on society throughout history, before investigating the digital tools of today.


  • Lesson 1: De-Tech-Tive Work

  • Lesson 2: Investigating Today's Tech

  • Lesson 3: How Much Do You Know About the Internet?



Becoming a “digital citizen” starts with an understanding of “citizenship.” Students learn the basic principles of citizenship as they explore what it means to be a citizen in the digital age.


  • Lesson 1: Principles of Citizenship

  • Lesson 2: How To Be a Good Citizen Online

  • Lesson 3: Designing a Positive Online Community



Students learn everything they post online—and everything others post about them—contributes to their “digital reputations.” Through role-play and hands-on activities, they discover why and how to take a proactive role in managing what others learn about them online


  • Lesson 1: Digital Background Check

  • Lesson 2: To Share or Not To Share?

  • Lesson 3: Your Digital Billboard



Nearly every online activity asks digital citizens to make an ethical decision—Should I upload an unflattering photo of a friend? Should I post information that might hurt the feelings of another? This unit helps students think through the ethical implications of their online actions.


  • Lesson 1: Ethical Thinking Online

  • Lesson 2: Creating a Code of Conduct

  • Lesson 3: How to Communicate Online



This important unit helps students identify cyberbullying and digital drama, and most importantly, empowers them with strategies to deal with and/or report online cruelty of any kind.


  • Lesson 1: Hiding Behind a Screen

  • Lesson 2: Real People, Real Feelings

  • Lesson 3: What is Cyberbullying? Digital Drama?

  • Lesson 4: How To Be Upstanding

  • Lesson 5: Cyberbullying Strategies



"Who am I? is an important question of the preteen and teenage years, and today many young people are turning to the digital world to find the answer. While the Internet can be a good place to explore different ideas or personal characteristics, there can be a dangerous side to sharing too much personal information online, which is explored in the lessons in this unit.

This unit includes new lessons on hate speech.

  • Lesson 1: Who Am I Online?

  • Lesson 2: You Are The Words You Use

  • Lesson 3: My Self, My Selfie

  • Lesson 4: You, In Six Words

  • Lesson 5: A-Okay or No Way



This curriculum is normally offered to schools only. We are offering the curriculum to families at a reduced rate. We know you will love these lessons, but if you find it is not for you, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 


“I now feel confident that I no longer need to protect my kids from the online world, because I empowered them with the Cyber Civics digital citizenship course.” 

-Margaret Alder 


“This works.  My kids LOVED the lessons!”

-Richard Linde

“Just wait until you get inside!  The wonderfully entertaining videos alone were worth the price. I am so glad I went for it.”  


- Allison Bell