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We're a little bit different, here's how:


  • Comprehensive curriculum emphasizes ethical and critical thinking.

  • Covers digital citizenshipinformation literacy and media literacy.

  • Scaffolds concepts to help students make sense of a complex digital world.

  • Developmentally-appropriate for middle school.

  • Send-home parent letters with family activities that align with every lesson.

  • Program enjoys a 98% renewal rate.

  • Designed by teachers for teachers. 

  • Curriculum is tech-agnostic, not funded by the tech industry.

  • In addition to being based on academic research, Cyber Civics meets the Common Core ELA Standards, ISTE Standards for Students, PLUS the CASEL Core SEL Competencies (see our alignments).

  • "Innovation in Education" award finalist from Project Tomorrow and the O.C. Tech Alliance; founder received the "2017 Media Literacy Teacher Award" from the Nat'l Assoc. for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).

  • Covered widely by the press, including this TODAY Show feature. 

  • Incidences of poor digital behavior no longer demand administrative time or attention at participating schools (see testimonials below).

Cyber Civics Curriculum

Photo: Graber teaching Cyber Civics at Journey School. By Nirzhar, Business Portraits.


In 2010, Journey School, a public charter Waldorf school in California, experienced its first-ever cyberbullying incident. Suddenly, Principal Shaheer Faltas found himself facing a whole new world! A school parent, Diana Graber (founder of CyberWise) offered to help. She'd just earned an M.A. in a new field of study, Media Psychology and Social Change, authored "New Media Literacy Education: A Developmental Approach" (JMLE), and was eager to put academic work into practice.

Faltas encouraged Graber convert weekly “Civics” classes into “Cyber Civics” and with help from top-notch academics and educational directors from around the US, this comprehensive digital literacy program was born. Today Cyber Civics is being taught to students around the world and is the topic of Graber's book "Raising Humans in a Digital World:Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology" (HarperCollins Leadership). 

Media Literacy for Students
Digital Citizenship for Students

Isn't time for your school to become a Cyber Civics school? Ask us how!

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Cyber Civics for Home School!


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