COMMUNITY Presentations

Founder Diana Graber has presented to all kinds of groups across the U.S. (from CA to DC) at big venues (MetLife Stadium, Twitter headquarters, UCLA) and small school (all sorts of them!). Presentations are engaging, informative, and most of all, leave attendees saying 'I can do this!' when it comes to raising and teaching digital kids! Cyber Civics enrolled schools always get presentations at a reduced rate!

Teacher Workshops

We LOVE giving professional development workshops! While Cyber Civics is entirely turnkey, many schools want an overview of the curriculum so they can experience how easy and fun it is to teach. Workshops are often scheduled in conjunction with a parent presentation and/or a student lesson. Cyber Civics enrolled schools always get a reduced rate.

We've gone virtual! Ask us for anonline presentation or workshop during COVID-19!

VIRTUAL presentationS

"I've attended a lot of presentations, but this was the definitely the most useful and engaging one yet. I learned so much!"

-Robin Dowerling, parent of 2

Delivered by Diana Graber, M.A., author of "Raising Humans In a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology "(HarperCollins Leadership, 2019) and founder of Cyberwise and Cyber Civics:

  • Engaging virtual presentations delivered via Zoom Webinars. Allows for interactive q & a.

  • Follow-up resources sent to participants.

  • Schools already subscribed to Cyber Civics get presentations at reduced cost

  • Non-subscribing schools receive a complimentary subscription to Cyber Civics "Mini."

  • Teacher workshops and parent presentations customized to your group or needs.


Your workshop was one of the most relevant, helpful, and informative workshops I’ve taken.  Thank you so very much for this gift of your curriculum and support to help the children (and adults) grow to be wise users, producers and participants in our digital world.  I learned a lot and have been enthusiastically sharing workshop content with family, friends and relatives.

Susan White

Interim Administrator, Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

Your presentations were engaging and informative, and I've heard rave reviews from faculty and parents alike!

Erin Milner

Admissions Director

Thank you  for coming to West Virginia for an onsite Cyber Civics/Media Literacy training. We left the training feeling confident that we could effectively utilize the lessons and tremendous resources you provided us.  The hands-on activities and great discussions throughout the day prepared us to teach students how to be strong digital citizens.  We’re more than excited to take your Cyber Civics curriculum into middle schools in West Virginia.  Diana’s passion for this work, her level of knowledge and her ability to meet the needs of our organization have given the prevention educators resources, information and programming not only for students but parents and teachers.

Debra Lopez-Bonasso

Education Coordinator, W. VA. Foundation for Rape Information and Services

Your presentation was a major hit! The work that you do is needed and you do such a great job of making sure our kids get the best information and skills around digital citizenship. 

Mirna Cardenas

Organizer, KIPP Schools Parent Summit

Your presentation and resources were extremely useful to our participating educators who are anxious to implement civic learning in their classrooms. You have certainly helped them meet their goal to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become informed, engaged citizens.

Michelle Herczog, Ed.D. and Rob Vicario

L.A. County Office of Education and Orange County Dept. of Education

We need people like Diana Graber to push the issues of digital citizenship and media literacy forward. It is far too easy to shake our tiny fists in the air and focus on every tawdry digital-gone-bad story. It is much more challenging, and admirable, to work tirelessly towards finding solutions. That's what Diana does.

David Ryan Polgar

Founder, Digital Citizenship Summit

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