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Community Presentations

Currently our parent presentations have gone virtual, making them super-affordable for your parent or community groups.

Delivered via Zoom Webinar by author Diana Graber (founder of Cyberwise & Cyber Civics), every presentation is customized to meet your needs (ask us about our current topics). Includes q & a session and follow-up resources sent toparticipants. Cyber Civics-enrolled schools get presentations at reduced cost;. non-subscribing schools get a complimentary subscription to Cyber Civics "Mini."

Educator Workshops

We LOVE giving professional development workshops to teachers! While teaching Cyber Civics is entirely turnkey, many schools ask us to give their teachers an overview of the curriculum so they can experience how easy and fun it is to teach. Others simply want to learn more about digital citizenship, information literacy, media literacy, or online safety.


Workshops are often scheduled in conjunction with a parent presentation and/or a student lesson. Cyber Civics enrolled schools always get a reduced rate.

"Diana was such a great presenter to work with. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to cater her presentation style to fit the needs of our parent population was so appreciated. Our parents in attendance learned concrete strategies for their family to use the internet in a positive and healthy way, both at home and in the classroom."


-East Aurora School District 131

Presentations are delivered by Cyber Civics/Cyberwise founder Diana Graber, M.A., author of "Raising Humans In a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology" (HarperCollins Leadership'19).  

​Graber has presented to all kinds of groups across the US (from CA to DC) at big venues (MetLife Stadium, Twitter Headquarters, UCLA) and small schools (from Waldorf to public). Her presentations are engaging, research-based and, most of all, leave attendees saying "I can do this!" when it comes to raising and teaching digital kids!

Diana Graber


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