What is Cyber Civics? It's an easy-to-teach in-classroom (or Distance Learning) series of sequential lessons that meet a growing demand to prepare students to be ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. It includes three levels of weekly :50 minute lessons for middle school:

Level 1: Digital Citizenship

Level 2: Information Literacy

Level 3: Media Literacy for Positive Participation

Watch our short video to see how easy it is to sign up for and use Cyber Civics.  Read on to learn more.


How does it work?

When a school or organization subscribes to Cyber Civics, they receive a private link that gives every instructor at that school/organization access to an easy-to-use online portal full of in-classroom lesson plans, accompanying slides, videos, resources, plus support. Downloading and teaching Cyber Civics is a breeze! Every level has enough :50 minute-long lessons/activities to last an entire school year (if taught weekly).

How much do I have to know about technology to teach Cyber Civics?

Not much. The most important digital literacy skills are social and behavioral skills. These lessons can be taught entirely without tech by anyone who is smarter than a 5th grader. Your wisdom is what kids need most.

What's the cost?

The initial subscription fee for each level of the program depends upon the size of the school/organization. There is a very low annual renewal fee (for each level); this allows us to refresh the lessons (in real time), add new materials, and provide on-going engagement and support. We offer scholarships to schools that cannot afford these costs.

What's included?

  • Downloadable, easy-to-deliver lesson plans.

  • Slides and student packets for every lesson. Plus, support materials and videos.

  • Send-home letters for parents with suggested at-home activities that align with each lesson.

  • Monthly newsletter that keep teachers engaged and informed.

  • Professional development support (including "screen-share" tutorials for teachers).

  • Phone/email support.

What if we don't have the time to teach weekly lessons?

Some schools use only the units that work best for them and teach the lessons when they can (we can customize a plan for you!). Plus, offer Cyber Civics Mini for schools really pressed for time.

What about parents?

We're glad you asked! Cyber Civics works best with community-wide support. That's why it includes ready-to-send-home letters with activities that families can do at home. Every activity aligns with a lesson taught in the classroom.


We also encourage parents to read "Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology" (HarperCollins Leadership). This book includes at-home activities for families ("Cyber Civics Moments"). Plus there is this free discussion guide that book clubs, parent groups, and teacher study groups can use too.


Finally, please visit Cyberwise (a.k.a., No Grownup Left Behind) where we offer FREE resources and information on how to support children in their digital lives.

Do you visit schools?

Yes! We often visit schools to deliver engaging parent presentations and to give educator workshops. During COVID-19 we are offering all of our presentations virtually! Learn more here.



Cyber Civics for Homeschool


Homeschool families and groups can teach Cyber Civics too! We even offer you a special rate. Check it out.

Lesson from Level 1 as it appears in the online portal:

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“Since Cyber Civics started at our school, there have been only three reported incidences of poor digital behavior; none in the last two years. This is unheard of in this day and age. What has been a small investment has paid off tenfold. Plus it allows us to put our energy on what matters most, learning and teaching in a happy, safe, and healthy community.”

Shaheer Faltas

Former Administrator, Journey School; Current Administrator, Greenwood School

"Teaching Cyber Civics to my 6th graders is the favorite part of my week. The program is so easy to use and teach."

Karina Salvesen

Teacher, Novato Charter School

Cyber Civics lays a strong foundation for healthy digital ethics, information and computer literacy for our children so when they face inevitable, difficult choices online, they will make the right decisions.

Dr. Paul Helfrich

Teacher, Westside Waldorf School

After seeing Cyber Civics I am happy to endorse it on behalf of Charters OC as a solution to helping young people learn how to use digital media competently and thoughtfully. Lessons on topics such as digital citizenship, information literacy, and media literacy are needed now more than ever. Students need these skills to prepare them for college, the workforce, and life in general.

Susan Mas

Executive Director, Charters OC

I really, really really suggest looking at these lesson plans I found them to be excellent and easily implemented. My students enjoyed the lessons and they led to interesting class discussions.

Michele Conyesr

Teacher, Stone Bridge School

Over the course of three years working with Diana Graber and watching her develop the curriculum, I recognize that it is based on the the same cognitive developmental skills that are foundational to Waldorf teaching in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. While this curriculum has found a rich home in Waldorf schools that foster ethical development, it is a curriculum that can fit in all educational settings.

Bonnie River

Chair of Hybrid Program Waldorf Teacher Training, Rudolf Steiner College

The thoughtfulness and breadth of the program is an asset to our school, and the parents are very happy to have "tech-driver's-ed" in our curriculum. 

Soni Albrecht

Teacher, formerly East Bay Waldorf School, now City of the Lakes Waldorf School

Cyber Civics is the best digital media literacy curriculum I've seen yet as it is developmentally based and creative.  The lessons are thoughtful, interactive and encourage kids to connect and collaborate about the very thing that has the potential of disconnecting them-- technology! As an Administrator I wanted a curriculum that was thorough, timely and reflected the true realities that kids may encounter online. The curriculum needed to be simple to use and ready to launch with a price that wouldn't break our budget. I also wanted a resource for parents and a place to access new apps and ask questions as they arose.  Cyber Civics has provided all of the above. I highly recommend this curriculum and commend Diana and her team for the creation of such a comprehensive and relevant curriculum.

Sheila Reilly

Former Administrator, Woodland Star Charter School

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