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Best Online Homeschool Programs

Whether you are a homeschool family, a small homeschool group (up to 10 students), or a parent who wants their children to benefit from lessons on safe and responsible technology use, you can get the same comprehensive curriculum schools across the US (and internationally) rave about to use at home with your children.

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Digital Literacy Curriculum | Cyber Civics

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What is Cyber Civics?

Cyber Civics is a comprehensive, hands-on, activity-packed curriculum that includes lessons plans, slides, videos, and more. Our program makes it easy for you to teach essential digital literacy skills to middle school students. It covers "digital citizenship" (the norms of appropriate, responsible, behavior with regard to technology use), "information literacy" (knowing how to find, retrieve, analyze, and use online information), and "media literacy" (using critical thinking skills to analyze media messages). It layers lessons so that a complex digital world makes sense to young people. 


Cyber Civics lessons call on critical thinking, ethical discussion and decision making through hands-on projects, problem solving, and role-play. Tested and refined for over ten years in classrooms across 48 US states and internationally, lessons meet educational standards and can be taught in the classroom or at home (even in the event of remote learning). Our goal is to help you raise ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. Many parents ask for students to get these lessons before they receive their first mobile device. 

Fully aligned with ELA, Tech, and SEL educational standards, see how



"How great it was to not have to plan these lessons myself - usually I have to do all the hard work and, apart from a few tweaks to adjust for the fact we weren’t in a group - I could pretty much pick up the lesson plans and go.” 

-Cathy Wall, Home School Parent

"As part of a small home school group we were so excited to find your program! It was easy to teach and we all learned just as much as our kids! Thank you so much for making it available at such a great rate for home school families." 

-Sheila Eckhart, Home School Parent

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  • Subscribing to Level 1 gives you access to sequential lesson plans, activities, slides, videos, guides, fillable forms for students, and ongoing support for one full year (one login and annual renewal is $99).

  • Subscribing to all 3 Levels gives you access to over 75 sequential lesson plans, activities, slides, videos, guides, fillable forms for students, and ongoing support for one full year (one login and annual renewal is $149).

  • Resources are always current and constantly updated in order to keep up with an ever-changing digital world!

  • You'll receive a monthly newsletter announcing new lessons and resources.

  • For online demonstrations or onsite presentations, contact us.

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UNIT 1: Becoming a De-"Tech"-Tive*

UNIT 2: Citizenship

UNIT 3: Your Digital Reputation

UNIT 4: Ethical Thinking

UNIT 5: Cyberbullying & Digital Drama

UNIT 6: Identity & Privacy



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UNIT 1: Learning Balance

UNIT 2: Online Safety & Security

UNIT 3: Searching the Web

​UNIT 4: Your Personal Information 

UNIT 5: Copyright| Fair Use | Public Domain

​​​UNIT 6: How To Use Wikipedia



(learn more here)

UNIT 1: Living in a Participatory Culture
UNIT 2: Calling on Critical Thinking
UNIT 3: Misinformation
​UNIT 4: Stereotypes & Media Representation
​UNIT 5: Visual Literacy
​UNIT 6: Sexting
​UNIT 7: Digital Leadership
EXTRA UNIT: Research Skills


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