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When a school/organization subscribes to Cyber Civics, your designated contact receives a proprietary link(s) and instructions so that any teacher at your school/organization can open a private account and get access to all course materials. Registered users also get: a monthly newsletter with news on updates and new resources, and complimentary tutorials any time! Download instructions below and/or watch the video to learn how to sign up:


  • If you can't log in using the buttons above, chances are you have not registered for the level you are trying to teach. Ask your school's designated contact for your proprietary link and follow the instructions above to sign up.

  • If you suddenly lose access to your account, ask your school's contact if your school completed the annual renewal form. This is how we know which returning teachers to update materials for.

  • If you are having trouble printing lessons, try to: Download lesson as a PDF first, then print; OR, select "fit to page" on your printer's settings; OR, download and use Adobe Acrobat.

Please contact us if you still need help or have questions, or to let us know if you are not receiving your monthly newsletter. 


Don't forget to suggest parents to visit CyberWise our sister site packed with free digital parenting resources.

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