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Teach Students to Use Technology Ethically, Safely & Productively!


There was a disturbing finding in the "Media Use by Tweens and Teens” report from Common Sense Media: 

"Despite the new affordances and promises of digital devices, young

people devote very little time to creating their own content."


This is a crying shame! Today’s students have access to powerful devices that allow them to share their talents and flex their creative muscles. Yet that’s not what they are doing.


It is important for you to help your young digital citizens learn to become more than just mindless consumers or worse, unsafe users of technology. With your help (and ours) students can learn to use technology to become productive and positive makers! 

Find Out if Your Students are "Makers" or "Takers"... or Both!

Watch this video with your students (from Cyber Civics Level 3, recommended for 8th grade):

Ask us for the lesson that accompanies this video:

At this point, you may be wondering about the meaning of these different terms:

We like to think of digital literacy as a big umbrella that encompasses all of the digital life skills kids need. Under that umbrella you’ll find digital citizenship, information literacy, and media literacyThey are all important!


You’ve had just a small glimpse into how we help students become an ethical, safe, and productive digital citizen! Teaching these skills takes (and deserves) time. Here's how we do it:


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