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"Back-to-School Special: 5 Lessons Kids Need Now" Webinar

The skills kids need to navigate a digital world are vast and varied! Choosing just five is nearly an impossible task. However, if you want to equip your kids with the most important "umbrella skills" here they are:

  1. Good Time Manager

  2. Reputation Protector

  3. Kind Digital Connector

  4. Effective Researcher

  5. Smart Device User

To teach your kids these skills, start by downloading the Action Guide below. It provides ideas on how to discuss these topics at every age and stage and includes activities you can easily do at home.  

The Action Guide also explains how to integrate your free lessons below from the Cyber Civics Middle School curriculum. If you are short on time, simply watch and discuss the videos under each topic. Enjoy!

Extra Credit!

Understanding new technologies is a must-have skill in order for kids to know how to use them safely and wisely. How much do your kids (or you), know about AI? Learn more here:

The lessons above come from Cyber Civics™, the middle school digital literacy curriculum packed with 75+ sequential lessons that meet the growing demand to teach students to become ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens.

If you know of a school that needs these lessons now, please contact us!

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