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Cyber Civics Collaborates with AT&T & Warner Bros. Discovery on "The Achievery" for Students

Cyber Civics collaborates with The Achievery

We are honored to be collaborating with AT&T and Warner Bros. Discovery on The Achievery, a new digital learning platform that provides learning opportunities to help today’s students thrive in distance learning. The free digital portal delivers rich and entertaining educational content and literacy resources that help promote learning everywhere – at home, in the community, or in the classroom.

The Achievery pairs engaging lesson plans and learning activities with content from leading entertainment collaborators like Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, and education experts like us! All lesson plans are aligned to academic standards and reviewed by education experts. This unique platform, accessible online and via mobile apps, is designed for students, parents, and teachers to make distance learning more effective. Users can sign up today. Visit or download the app.

Learn more about how our work with AT&T is helping to boost digital inclusion:

What is the Achievery?

The Achievery is a new digital learning platform created by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery that provides a curated library of popular entertainment content paired with lesson plans and learning activities designed by education experts.

Who can access the portal?

The Achievery is a free digital learning platform available to students, parents, caregivers and educators seeking supplemental solutions to support learning everywhere today’s connected students learn – at home, in the community and in the classroom.

How do you use the Achievery portal?

The Achievery is intended to support learning in grades K-12. Teachers, caregivers and students (age 13 and older) can access The Achievery by signing up for an account. Parents will also have the ability to create profiles for learners who are age 12 and under. After creating an account, you’ll find video clips that are paired with both lesson plans and learning activities.

The Achievery Portal

What is a Learning Unit?

Learning Units are the heart of The Achievery – they provide engaging educational videos with lesson plans and learning activities that can be used everywhere today’s connected students learn! All Learning Units are standards-aligned, developed by leading education organizations and reviewed by education experts.

The Achievery Learning Unit

What age/grade level(s) is the portal targeted toward?

The platform provides education content to engage and inspire K-12 learners.

What type of content is featured on the portal?

Users can expect to find engaging educational content and resources to support academic learning, social emotional learning and critical thinking skills.

How will this content enhance student education? How does it complement classroom learning?

High quality educational tools available on The Achievery can help students stay engaged and more importantly, excited about learning. Even though most students have returned to in-person learning, our reliance on technology to access knowledge and opportunity has only increased. The Achievery provides students with additional access to distance learning opportunities at home and anywhere else they learn.

How does the Achievery ensure that the content on the portal is age and grade appropriate?

All video content, lesson plans and learning activities that appear on The Achievery have undergone a rigorous review process with subject-matter experts, educational nonprofits, and The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). To ensure age and grade appropriateness of the

content, The Achievery has strictly followed the industry recommended parental guidelines for film and television.

• Grades 3 and Up: TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, TV-PG, G Films, and PG Films

• Grades 9 and Up: TV-14, PG-13 Films

Is the Achievery’s content aligned with specific educational standards?

Each Learning Unit on The Achievery is aligned to a specific Common Core, CASEL (Social Emotional Learning), or ISTE standard.

How often will the Achievery’s portal be updated with new content?

We are just getting started! New content, lesson plans and learning activities will be added as they become available.

Check out one of the Cyber Civics videos currently on The Achievery!


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