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Teach Your Kids Life Skills with Reset

Reset Summer Camp has recently launched a new app, aimed at helping teens improve their life skills.

In case you are unfamiliar with Reset Summer Camps, it will enter its 6th summer this year. As a 4-week residential Digital Detox & Life Skills program for teens, we are now expanding to Canada and in talks with licensees in Egypt, the U.K., Thailand and Australia. It seems there is no limit to the need for screen addiction support for kids these days.

Considering the pandemic, kids today are even more in need of socialization and in-person real-world interactions. Their social skills have been seriously depleted and their dependance and addiction to screens is worse than ever.

The Reset staff does a fantastic job with the kids who attend the 4-week digital detox and life skills program. But there has been a struggle to reach more kids, especially during the off-season when they are (or should be) in school. So Reset came up with an idea for an App.

The Life Skills App is very basic and specifically intended to NOT have kids on their devices all the time. Other than the daily message and a few video clips, there is nothing to actually do on this App. Rather, its intention is to provide daily suggestions and recommendations for teens (and their families) to help them live better lives.

The Life Skills App offers help on everything from getting enough sleep to how to deal with sextortion, from doing your own laundry to how to write a resume.

The Life Skills App is free for the first week, then $3.99 per month thereafter, and is available on both iPhone and Android.

Every day users can expect a message which, if followed, can help a teen live a better life.

Learn more about the Life Skills App here:



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