Digital Detox Summer Camps for Kids

The pandemic has had a devastating impact upon many young people. Some are experiencing depression, anxiety, or are under-performing in school—there's even been a rise in truancy. Students who were once excelling are now barely passing. There has also been a dramatic increase in screen time use. According to a recent study, "A staggering 76% of the population between 16 and 24 are spending more time on their phones, while 45% have increased the amount of time they spend on their laptops."

Internet and cellphone "addiction" has been a major contributing factor to young people’s mental wellness.

This can lead to extreme defiance, rage and explosive behavior.

Fortunately, there are therapeutic summer programs designed to address these problems. Such programs can offer immediate support and typically include: a psychiatric evaluation with medication recommendations (if needed); an educational plan with specific goals and course recommendations (residents will have the option to recover essential grade credits, prepare for the SAT’s, gain organizational skills, etc.); and a wellness plan, with goals for health and fitness, in addition to nutritional recommendations.

They also offer an opportunity for a digital detox allowing youth to build a healthy relationship with technology and develop social skills with people in real life.

Summer camps dealing with teen defiance help young people develop coping skills through anger and stress management classes, as well as by providing positive peer influence, and in many instances—animal assisted therapy.

Does Your Child Need a Summer Boost?

Many times teens simply needs a summer boost, depending on the issues they are facing. Additionally, some parents feel more comfortable committing to a shorter version of a therapeutic program rather than jumping into a full 60-90-day program. It can give them an opportunity to evaluate the program, therapists and staff. Or they may be unsure if their teen needs a full therapeutic boarding school just yet.