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The best way to show you how easy Cyber Civics is to use and teach is to let you try it!

Simply complete the form below to start your FREE TRIAL of the most comprehensive middle school digital literacy program you'll find— taught across the US and internationally.

Your trial will include 8 Turnkey Lesson Plans, Slides with embedded Videos, Student Packets with Fillable Forms, and Full Support to meet an urgent need to help students become ethical safe and productive digital citizens.

Cyber Civics Online
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Want to see what you are getting first? We get it!  Visit: Cyber Civics "Mini."  Check out our website, email us,  or call (949) 481-4319. Home schooling? Visit us here.


“Cyber Civics is an amazing resource for teachers and parents. My students love it almost as much as their parents do.” 

-Teacher Rebekah Hopkinson, Shelburne, VT
"Our 6th graders are using what they learned in Cyber Civics now that they're spending so much time online. We already had one “digital drama” issue that was resolved because of what they had learned. Yippee!"

-Teacher Monica Voltz, Colville, WA
"It’s all so easy to navigate, while also being extremely comprehensive." 

-Teacher Kristi Robinson, Jamestown, CA
"Cyber Civics lays a strong foundation for healthy digital ethics, information and computer literacy so that when our children face inevitable, difficult choices online, they will make the right decisions."

-Teacher Dr. Paul Helfrich, Los Angeles, CA
"An excellent resource to teach student how to be safe and wise online. The activities, videos, resources and support staff are all top-notch." 

-Teacher Morgan Hensely, Hanover, IN.

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