Why I Love Teaching Cyber Civics

Teaching Cyber Civics

Peter Kelley is Cyber Civics' Outreach Director. Maybe you've had a chance to chat with him? A former high school English teacher, this year he started teaching Cyber Civics in the classroom. Here are his his reflections. Contact Peter if you'd like him to teach a sample Cyber Civics lesson in your classroom!

Being able to actually get in the classroom this year and practice what I’ve been preaching about Cyber Civics has been enlightening on so many levels. To see from a different lens how this program unfolds-- from reviewing the lesson online and printing materials, to teaching the students these vital life skills, and then watching the positive results--makes me that much more motivated and excited to spread the word and get this ground-breaking program in front of as many educators as possible.

Here are just a few reasons why I love teaching Cyber Civics and why I’m confident that if you take a closer look at implementing this program at your school, you’ll feel the same way.

  • The program emphasizes ethical discussions, critical thinking, and decision making about digital media issues... all through role-play activities, hands-on projects, and problem-solving tasks. This not only excites and engages students, but it should excite the teacher as well.

  • What’s surprising to most, is that all this can be taught without the use of technology. Additionally, Cyber Civics is focused upon the social and emotional development of a child, so every online skill we teach, correlates to offline life as well. And to witness an “aha” moment when the students realize this is priceless! Every lesson is social by nature and focuses on creating ethical, critical thinkers in the digital world.

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  • Cyber Civics is flexible, and it should be since every classroom is different. For example,

I was able to create a scenario around a “To Share or Not to Share” lesson that mirrored a real-life