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Our Newest Video is Here!

Enjoy our newest video from the Cyber Civics: Level 1 Unit on "Cyberbullying and Digital Drama." It recaps the concepts students learn during this very important unit of our middle school digital literacy program.

Students learn how to identify and distinguish cyberbullying from other online behaviors. It is:

  • Online

  • Intentional

  • Hurtful

  • Repeated

And, most importantly, they learn what they can do if and when they see cruelty of any kind.

They learn that they can be upstanders by:

  • Asking the bully to stop.

  • Giving comfort to the target.

  • Taking a screen shot of the cruel behavior and telling a trusted adult.

If every child was empowered with these simple skills, just imagine how much kinder the Internet would be.

Contact us today to try a Cyber Civics lesson for your school!

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