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We wanted to give families a way to teach their children about the importance of being a good citizen, online and off. So here are three of our favorite lessons on this topic from the Cyber Civics curriculum. 


Simply download the lesson plans with activities, below, and use this video (best suited for children from 10-13).

We also offer Cyber Civics for Homeschool (the same comprehensive curriculum that schools use). Get It Here.

Lesson 1:
The Five Principles of Citizenship


Teach youth why good citizens look out for one another, online and off.

Lesson 2:
How To Be a Good Citizen Online


Help young people apply the five principles of citizenship to online communities they belong to, or will belong to, in the future.

Lesson 3:
Designing a Positive Online Community

Our kids will be creating the online communities of the future. Help them do a better job than we have done with this lesson that lets them practice building communities that foster kindness and respect for others. 

Contact: or call (949) 481-4319. There are slides that accompany these lesson too, just ask us!

Learn More About Cyber Civics
Our mission is to help ALL students receive a comprehensive education in digital literacy! Weekly lessons in digital citizenship, information literacy, and media literacy equip students with the skills they need to become ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. Please download and share the flyer below with your children's schools.

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Cyber Civics Flyer
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